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Saturday, June 18, 2005

It Was 2004 With MAMA

Turn My Head Phone Up
Nothing Gonna Stop Me Now
Because I Do This For My Life , I Mean My MAMA :)
It Waz 2004 Of My Good Life And She Waz My MAMA
I Never Stop The Cry And Feeling The Love And Hobe You Make Things Better MAMA
But Befor I Talk , I Need You To Memorise Our Moments Like a Beatifull Drama ..
GOD Please Can You Hear My Speak
In The Name Of Royality Of The Love Between Mothers And Sons ...
They Say When Mother Shed Tears Stay Near , By Any Means
Please Don't Try Or Do Any Thing Because You Might Be Tired , But For You I'll Keep Fly So Deep !
I Mean You Try Hard To Never Tell Dady About Any Some Worse :)
Cause And Effect , He Work So Hard Evreyday And Back To Take a Peace , MOM
Exactly You're My Long Life , Common I Need More Than Hug
You Got Me Feeling So High , So Fly , Aint' Nothing Like Our Royal Love ...
I'm Trying To Give You My Life That I Never Had , I Cann't Lie ..
I'll Never Ever Leave You Alone With The Big Troublse ...
She Moves Like a Breathe , No It's More Than Double , Her Love Aint' Around Any Judge , And That's Why I'm High And Here :)
You Cann't Leave I Know That , Must Stay With Each Other , Because That's Your Life For Me To Lead And Sucsseed , And No Hurt's Or Pain For Ever ..
MAMA Let Me Hold Your Soft Hands Please Befor I Might Be Pass The Way ..?!
Only One Life To Lead , Because We All Gone Die What Ever ...
Please Don't Cry Because That Thing Hurt My All Things :(
It sounds Like I Must Go , But Check This out ,, If I Die Tonight I'll Be Happy Because I Feel Your Feelings , I Cann't Forget Your Smile . Beacuse You Was Smile For Me :)
And All That Thing Can Be In One Time
It Was 2004 , MAMA

GOD Bless Our Mothers In Life And Under World ............!?

posted by Slim Thug at 1:48:00 AM
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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 10:01 AM~  

It's .... really awesome!

in fact

you are awesome my brother!!

ur sistar: hams

Blogger Slim Thug commented at 12:29 AM~  

huh ??
thx 4 ur pass sister
i'm so glad 4 ur words in my world of my pen line's :)

but who r ya ?
hams 1 or 2 ??
what ever
thx alot , peace

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