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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

EMINEM To His Littil Baby Child Hail

EMINEM Expline The Truth For His Baby ...
EMINEM Awesome For Real :)

Haily , I Know You Miss Your Mom
And I Know I Miss Your Dad , But I'm Gone
But I'm Trying Give You The Life That I Never Had
I Can See You Sad , Even When You Smile
Even When You Laugh , I Can See't In Your Eyes
Deep Inside You Wonna Cry .....!
But Still Help , Because You Aint' Scare
Looking Hustle , Any Day
I Know What's Confusing You
Dady's Always In a Move
Mamy's Always On The News
I'm Trying Hard To Viow With The Show & Lay Out
I Promise , Mom Will Be AllRight Because That What I'm Talking About
So Don't Be Afraid :)
Please , We Will Hold't Through Any Troubles
But You Aint' Scare , Please Dry Your Tears , Because I'm There , Then Dady Wont To Do One Pray
All I Know ,
She Feel Like Dady's Here , AllRight No More Nightmares
I'm Trying To Keep YourSelf Out From't
For Real Littil Baby , Don't You Cry
Because Evrey Thing Gonna Be AllRight
I Know Mamy's Not Here , Where ?
We Don't Know Why ?!
But We Feel How We Feel Inside
And Don't Worry Baby , Mama Will Be Ok If ALLAH Need That For Ever
Because From My Inside I Said :
No Matter And How Ever , It's Me And You , And Our , For Ever Together

Some Of That I Hear Them And Then Write't In My Blog , I Mean It's Eminem Words
I Like't
Big Words , About Evrey Thing , Just Reach As Tupac Words .......
Feelings Of Dad And Childs ...
I Hobe You Take a Good Time , Enjoy What Ever :)

Need More Informations Or Any Music Lyrics , Go Here ..

Peace Out ,,,

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