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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Never Say Goodbye

I Never Fell Like This Before …

When You Was And I Was All Of Our Nice Demise , My Feelings Stray In One Way
Don't Talk .. Let Me Explain My Pain Again , Need To Say
After You Don't Know What Did Your Love Do To Me
Now I Can Let You , Speak For Me .. Say Anything You Would To Me

Tears Thinking About Why We Fall
They Wonder About Can We Have Another Fall ?
What Ever , Easy Like Pick Up Then Call ..

Just Like All , Week , Day , Night , Sunrise , Sunshine , Hour , Minute , Second , Moment .. And Every Moment … And Then Nothing !
Why We Can Fall ?
Isn't Rule Of Nature ?
I'll Never Ever Know And Un-Know The Future …

Please , Trust Me .. You Know What ?
The Truth's Blind !!

Serious , I Can't Loose You Just Like Myself ..

Girl My Love , I Know That You Can't Tell Me What Ever
But I Think You Better Tell Me ..
Because ,
Leading Without Your Moon Light
My Eyes Will Never See Anything Again
Just , Just Look At Me One More Time
You’re My Cause , I Had So Much Pain

When Ever I Need To Cry Any Other Time
You Better Read And Listen Then Learn After I Rhyme ..

Baby Mama
I'm The Artist Of Your Love , I Mean Our Drama

Stop Bleeding My All
My Feelings Talk … But They Written The Blood On a Sad Wall

Sometimes I Feel This Life's Over
I Love You , Not For Your Name , But For Ever
And Me , Don't Like Fame ..
But One Thing That I Need To Say
Your Love Just Like a Game
Different Feel , And Stop To Say

Stay For Me , Smile For Me , Don't You Like Me ?

I Love You
And Never Forget You
Because I Need You
And That's What You Done To My Heart

Remember Huh ?!

All Time I See The Magic In Your Eye
So Please .. Never Ever Say Goodbye ……….

posted by Slim Thug at 9:54:00 AM
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Anonymous سوسو commented at 12:21 PM~  


Blogger Slim Thug commented at 7:27 PM~  


Anonymous همس commented at 8:50 PM~  


ما ابغى اكتب بالانجليزي مو لاني ما اعرف؟!

لان ابجدياتي تقف عاجزه عن مجاراة ابداعك اخي الكريم

عموما.. الوداع شي صعب بس اللي يحليه ان بعد وداع مر غالبا مايخبئ لنا القدر لقاء افضل .. فلاتخشى الفراق اخي :)

ودمت بود

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 9:35 PM~  

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Blogger Slim Thug commented at 9:51 PM~  

هلا والله بهمس اللي من اول اقول مين هيا مين هيا ...
خيوووووو :)
تسلمي على المرور والكلام اللطيف

بس انا اللي كاتبو مو فراق , لكنو عتاب ...

Blogger Slim Thug commented at 10:19 PM~  

thx 4 ur pass Kim
& thx 4 the information
ur welcome any time

السلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته
اعتقد كتابتك عن الوداع والفراق بس ياريت تكون الترجمة البسيطة للمقال عشان تكون موجهة للناس البسطاء مثلنا في العنجليزي
وياراجل المدونة بدأت تتطور كثيراً والحمد لله
سر إلى الأمام وربنا يوفقك

Blogger Slim Thug commented at 3:58 PM~  

لا اخي العزيز
الكتابه كانت عن مجرد عتاب ..
مروركم وتعليقك هو اللي يخلي المدونه احلى بوجودكم , الله يعطيك العافيه
وشكرا عل المرور
طيب ابشر :)
الترجمه تكون مرفقه ؟؟

دمت بود

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