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Monday, August 08, 2005

You Can Kill Me

I Been Watching To You About For Minutes
See You Girl , And Your Lips Was I Get't
Never Go On , Because I Saw Your Dreams
With Me All Thing I'll Be Take Care Whatever
Look At Me Don't Be Sad And Smile Forever
If There's Anything Bad , Any Minutes
Our Love .. Our Feelings .. Our Moments
What Must I Do ?
What Do You See Again ?
Tell Me Boo
Be To Me , Just Me And Pain
Hold My Soul .. Tell Me Slowlly
Let Me Hold You , Before I Be Your Cry
Nothing Secret Between Us
No body Feel What We Feel About Us
Before I Left Or Pass The Way Or Stray ..
Until The Day I Die And Your Mine Any Way
Why , When I See Your Face
I Can't Thinking , And Talking About Out Of Base !
And When I See Your Tears
Begins Of Pains ... Just Feel Bleeding Fears !!
Memorise Your Moment , Wait You With Cool Feel
You Can Call Me Fool .. Whatever , Let You To Kill

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Anonymous سوسو commented at 12:11 PM~  

رغم ان خلفيتي في الانجليزيه موكتير
بس احساسك في كلامك هو الباعث لفهمي لكلماتك
ودمت بحب

Blogger Slim Thug commented at 7:58 PM~  

احساسي هو اللي تفهميه يعني :)
الحمد لله .. مهما كانت اللغه :)
اشكرك على مرورك وتعليقك
دمت بسلام

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