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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

No End

Now you hear about me with hurts
About my soul , and cause of my heart
My love .. and my pen line
Nothing worse , it'll be all fine
I know that you still mad at me
My age , you're my shine to see
Without you ...
See the pain , all again .. hurts for real ..
It's just a feel ...
And see myself stray in big maze

No end

In any case
I should be happy but looking sad all the time
No moonlight , stay in the dark because there isn't no shine !
Everyday step by step still have hard breathing
And holding my head , so hot just like bleeding ...
You need to listen to me
Because I'd like to be you're free
And my feelings say to you
I love you to be
My all life
And don't forget about my knife

No end

Long night when I cry
I promise the tears
Don't fall for die
But what should I do for fears
Missing you all moments
And thinking about our demises

No end for your love
No end from your hug
No end from your and my pain :(
Specially no end from all again
Because you must believe me , it's not a shame
Our rules of the game ...
Including your eyes and your name

I love you for ever
Real talk between each other
Because no body love you like me
Never find another way to see
I can't left or leave
For you I'm here to lead
And no end of my love
but we always have one trouble
cause , I love you always another double !!

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 12:09 PM~  

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Blogger Slim Thug commented at 12:35 AM~  

thx .. but this's not my big show or my good effort ...
thx for ur pass
and will visit ur site soon :)

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