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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Tell me why ...?

Why must be you drink
Why all ladies sometimes love pink
Why you acting to cause my pain
Why our ear loves drops of rain
Why they say you looks like fly
Why I must be high with blames and cry
Why you killing me with your own hand
Why stay stand and never understand
Why should I love you like flower
Why you stay bleeding me as burner
Why we still has nothing like choise
Why still learn and lisen to my own voise
Why if you drink , you will some how die
Why if you smoking , you will be high
Why you looks so wonderfull
Why when I saw you I was stray and be full
Why sometimes you allready know me
Why one day I'll be gone in the cemetery
Why you got some hate for me deeply
Why we must knew our history
Why every night between my hug keeping my gun
Why all day thinking about my destiny and my son
Why I hate this life from inside of my fact
Why you don't care about my past
Why all moments moving fast in the core
Why my rhymes running with bullets behind that door
Why you still love your father
Why all day wake and be the bather
Why under rain they got killed
Why you don't know what is't about them chest
Why I must cry with this same
Why you can lie in any shame game
Why I can't find another love sweeter than you
Why your step of your soul make me fell the same way too
Why I like so many cool songs
Why thinking about thin and who'll be strong
Why you can't change my thoughts
Why inside my heart , It's so hot
Why you feel so good near the hood
Why drying your tears that I should
Why everthing will be ok , if you doing my way
Why all my brothers shoots , stray and then die
Why you still mad at my sunshine
Why your heart's mine
Why another dead brother and son
Why should stay and try hard not to be next one
Why I had this words for you
Why you need to know how we do
Why still thinking about real talk everyday
Why all young love speed and high way
Why I need you to carefull with my real talk
Why I like C walk
Why this world will never ever change
Why when I look at you , I feel myself in a cage
Why you can't help that Jack
Why all women must taking hand bag
Why you miss my love , my thugging and my call
Why sometimes you make me blue and fall
Why should I repeat for other encore
Why you must asking one more

Why ??!

posted by Slim Thug at 7:21:00 AM
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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 8:26 AM~  

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 8:49 AM~  

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Blogger Slim Thug commented at 1:37 PM~  

thx 4 all & no thx
ur comments here for what ??
such as spams !
im writtin about thing
& ur here for other thing that so far

Blogger Slim Thug commented at 1:40 PM~  

thx about cartoon man

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