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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Silent Walker

Befor I wake up with

The blue wind .. The gentle wind ...
Sing for me and them
Even the silent sound of time ..
Can't scratch them at all
And never forget them forever
Far away planet , far away star
Those souls ... Bless them please
Never again for pain , those guys
Will never return to this life
Becuase just stay pass for love
And then just let them souls fly
But they say me and you some how like sons of assassins !

Yeah cause for my all soldiers gone , we'll take's before you falls

All of you are one feel of soldier mentality
And when I grow up , don't you wanna be like me ?
Remember your covering for me and other souls
You make your frontline say with all feelings

Goodbye soldier
Silent Walker !?
Untill the day I die .. I'll never ever thinking of forget your soul
I can't ..!
Goodbye forever ...
We'll be connected forever
Soldiers of steel
Thank you , and sleep in peace

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